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2 ALIENS Quiqueck & Hämat

Thomas Zeug

"2 Aliens"


2 Aliens is a sci-fi-comedy animation series about the adventures of the two aliens Quiquek & Hämat, which followed the animation film “Proll Out”. The animation is based on the radio play series of the same name, also produced by Thomas Zeug.

The 2 aliens Quiqueck & Hämat are stationed in Earth orbit to observe humanity. Due to an attack, which destroyed their lightning-fast hype drive, the aliens begin a journey back to their home planet. While traveling for several months, they experience a wide variety of adventures involving hostage taking, foreign dimensions, time travel and even zombies, robots and ghosts.

This setup allows to add episodes to the series as long as the aliens are on their way.

Each episode has a completed storyline, but is linked by a comprehensive story. The genre of science fiction combined with the creative unpredictability of this universe offers endless possibilities for the adventures of Quiqueck & Hämat.

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"Proll Out" 2013

Proll Out is one of the largest independent animation projects in Germany that was mostly created by just one person. The film premiered on March 21, 2013 and is presented regularly at various film festivals.

Santiago Ziesmer, the german voice of Spongebob Squarepants and Steve Urkel, is the voice actor for the 3 nasty Prollians. The composer Florian Linckus composed the film music. All characters were given their own musical themes and instruments, which are used regularly in the film.

Quiqueck & Hämat - Proll out - Trailer

Thomas Zeug

Thomas Zeug is a multi-award-winning filmmaker and VFX artist from Munich. Originally from Regensburg, he has been active in the independent movie scene for years. With his projects, he has already won several prizes, including multiple German Youth Film Awards, awards from the Regensburg Short Film Week and the Jupiter Rookie Award. This also made him a jury member of several film festivals and competitions. Thomas thinks Pazz is a great idea. He entered the genre of animated films, because he never found anyone who wanted to make films with him.

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