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The Pazz Booster. The extra kick for your project.

We support your film idea and help you to realize your vision.

We support you
with your film idea!

100% free of charge
Up to 100€ for each crew member
The movie rights remain with you
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This is what the current Booster Project looks like!

That's how it works.

Apply now for your Pazz Booster!

1. Sign up for free

1. Sign up for free

Register with a completed profile easily and quickly on our Pazz platform. Your crew should also be registered at this time.

2. Create Project

2. Create Project

For the application we need a complete project including added crew members. Here you can find the instructions on how to do this:

  • 2.1. Create a Project

    The responsible person creates the project for free, as well as the description, production location... etc.

  • 2.2. Add Jobs to the Project

    The contact person creates all jobs with the respective activities and important job details.

  • 2.3. Invite the Crew Members

    Invite the crew members to the job and wait for the confirmation. Each crew member will receive up to 100€ (for extras or similar we reserve the right for restrictions).

3. Application to the booster

3. Application to the booster

If all the above steps have been completed successfully, send us an application with the project link, project details and a meaningful project portfolio.

After we have discussed your project portfolio with our team, we will inform you about our decision at the end of the month.

4. BTS Video of your Project

4. BTS Video of your Project

We need a behind the scenes video of your experience in the project (narrative form), which we will upload on our social media channels.

For example:

  • Team introduction (crew info)
  • Equipment introduction
  • Motivation of the project
  • Problems with the realization
  • Costume/Mask
  • Tips & Tricks

Also tell us in the mail which social media channels we are allowed to link to

Our Community Features.

Find matching crew members and share new projects & ideas.

Find new crew members,
Find new crew members, as well as exciting jobs and projects.
Be a part of it from the beginning and become a Pazz member!
Stay in touch
Stay in touch with your crew!
Our chat function allows an uncomplicated communication. Crew members can also share information with each other within a project.
Find a film competition
Find a film competition nearby.
Join with your crew and win recognition and awards!

Pazz Meets Community

Past projects show the creativity of our users. Connect with amazing filmmakers NOW.

The Pazz Champ -<br> In smartphone film
The Pazz Champ -
In smartphone film
A competition for creators.
A professional Jury.
New conditions.
A lot of fun.
& 10.000€ prize money.
The Pazz Remote<br>Film Festival
The Pazz Remote
Film Festival
Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions. Creating a film together without meeting each other. Sounds impossible? Then let us convince you differently.

Pazz presents

A featured project by Thomas Zeug, who is a multi-award winning filmmaker and VFX artist from Munich.

2 ALIENS Quiqueck und Hämat
2 ALIENS Quiqueck und Hämat
2 ALIENS is a sci-fi comedy animation series about the adventures of the two aliens Quiqueck & Hämat in their flying saucer. The series is produced by award-winning filmmaker Thomas Zeug.